Tammany Hall: The Beginning

The society of Saint Tammany, the Columbian order or the sons of Saint Tammany are all popular names used for Tammany hall. It was a political organization in New York, and was established in 1786. The Tammany society was formed or incorporated on 12th of may 1789. New York city was basically controlled by this powerful democratic party and it ran the affairs of the place. It also helped run actually had a major say in the state affairs of the place and it was notably seen that it helped immigrants come to America and try to make it big.

From among the various immigrants that came Irish people dominated the number that moved to America at that time. Not just that the party could paid special attention to include the Irish immigrants to join the party and to have their say in running New York basically as the party was the dominant force at the time. This seen the rise of Irish people in the political affairs of New York all between the time frame of 1890-1960.

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